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Prayer & Worship
Bible study on the story of Tamar (2 Samuel Chapter 13): No means No!
Into your Hands - Ending Child Marriage by World YWCA: reflection on Luke 11, 33-34; questions for discussion, prayer and blessing
Outline of opening prayer service for the 16 Days of Activism at the Ecumenical Centre in Geneva
Memorias y esperanzas como recurso para los 16 días de activismo en contra de la violencia de género
"Be whole, be healed" World YWCA worship guide (english/francais/deutsch)
Liturgical material by the Liturgy Commission of the Anglican Church of Australia for White Ribbon Day
Prayers and art for 16 days as a healing tool to empower and transform individuals and communities impacted by violence and trauma
Morning Prayer: O God of Life, lead our children to justice and peace
'Anglicans and the 16 Days. Learn. Pray. Be Inspired. Act.' An information resource from the Women in Church and Society department at the Anglican Communion Office
Stories & Inspiration
At age 10, a girl in Eastern Europe and Central Asia is at a crossroads. Which path she takes does not only matter for her own life. It matters for the lives of all of us. This publication (supplement of the UNFPA's State of the World Population report) tells the stories of eight 10-year-old girls from across this region. It gives a short overview of some of the key challenges and opportunities they and their peers are facing. And it puts these in the broader context of what investments are needed to reap the demographic dividend in this region.
Stories of women and girls benefiting from the UNFPA regional response to Syria crisis: Breaking the Silence - hope for a new life
Derechos de las humanas
Silvia Regina de Lima Silva, directora Departamento Ecuménico de Investigaciones-DEI
Der starke Wind der Veränderung Silvia Regina de Lima Silva2, Direktorin des Ökumenischen Forschungszentrums (DEI) in Costa Rica erzählt
Droits des humaines de Silvia Regina de Lima Silva
Women’s Human Rights Silvia Regina de Lima Silva, Director of the Department of the Ecumenical Research
Institute-DEI in Costa Rica
Hak-Hak Perempuan Silvia Regina de Lima Silva, Direktur Departemen Institut Riset Ekumenisme di Kosta Rika
Inspiration’s campaign against GBV: libresdeviolencia
Overcoming violence – stories of survivors of GBV (NCA webpage)
Graphic novel: Child Marriage by World YWCA
Theological reflection - on the root causes of gender-based violence in intimate relationships by Bishop Margaret B Vertue
Mission 21- Women & Gender blog: A case of rape and the church
A girl is "not an item to be sold" Fatou, Mauretania on her way to independance
"No to early marriage" by Julius Tiboa, Child Protection Coordinator for LWF in Maban, South Sudan
"How a refugee girl becomes a leader" by Charnelle Etti, LWF Uganda
"Advocating for children's rights", child protection in South Sudan and Uganda
Eine Erfolgsgeschichte aus Sabah - Malaysia
"A new family for orphans of conflict", caring for the youngest survivors of war
In Fiji, the House of Sarah, a project of the Association of Anglican Women working to build equal and respectful relationships within Fiji's families, churches, schools and communities, has posted resources for the 16 Days in local languages on its website.
What it takes to be a man (new masculinity)
From Hegemony to Partnership (Workshop on masculinities)
This documentary of the Tanzanian director Nicholas Calvin Mwakatobe highlights the life of special people in the Southern Highlands of Tanzania. They come together in a support-group with the name «Lusubilo» (Hope). Even though they are infected with HIV, they do not remain silent about the disease. They give each other support and encourage others that are infected to be open and live «positively».
Yakubu Joseph, coordinator of the cooperation programme Nigeria of Mission 21, about the importance of girl’s education and the abduction of the Chibok School Girls in 2014.
Yakubu Joseph, coordinador del programa de cooperación de Nigeria de Misión 21, sobre la importancia de la educación de niñas y el secuestro de las jóvenes de la escuela de Chibok en 2014.
Yakubu Joseph, Koordinator des Kooperationsprogramms Nigeria von Mission 21, über die Bedeutung der Bildung für Mädchen und die Entführung der Chibok-Schulmädchen in 2014.
Being abled, being disabled – every child has a right to be educated Watch this touching video about how Finn Church Aid made school accessible to South Sudanese refugee.
Miembro de Mujeres Convocadas en Argentina pide acabar con el feminicidio en la región A TV program of the IERP (Evangelical Church of Rio de la Plata) a member church of WCRC. The interview has to do with the a call to protest to end the gender violence in Argentina. According to the information given in the interview every 31 hours a woman is dead so the rate of femicide in the country is increasing drastically in the last months (espagnol).
Thursdays in Black by YWCA Victoria
Thursdays in Black by Noelle Ballantine
NCA Pakistan GBV Program Coordinator Rabia Waqar speaks out against early and forced marriage. BBC interview on How the culture of forced marriage in Pakistan is changing
Claudia Bandixen on education for girls
Lei Garcia on life after birth
Thembelihle Tuma on gender justice in Zimbabwe
Fadzai Museva on gender justice in Zimbabwe
Immanuel Moyo on gender justice in Zimbabwe
ELCZ Gender Justice Launch in Zimbabwe
Musimbi Kanyoro on scriptures and hope
Lyn van Rooyen on "Thursdays In Black"
Olga Kangaj Tshiwewe on "Thursdays In Black"
Fulata Moyo on "Thursdays In Black"
Lei Garcia on a culture of silence
Victor Chibueze Nwakanma on the rights of girls
Priscilla Bere on empowering girls by story-sharing
Toromare Mananaro on women speaking out
Uzoaku Juliana Williams on empowering girls
Nora Samosir on inspiration by the mother
Laura Hukom on combatting child marriage
Anglican men speak out in solidarity with women.
Zambian former child bride speaks out
Action & Ideas
A theatre group created by chilean women who are working in prevention and promotion are using a play called "Una noche más". (One more night)
Call to action: Leave no one behind by World YWCA
Not in Our Name! 21 Norwegian religious leaders have signed the petition “Not in our name”, which speaks against all forms of gender based violence.
Mission 21 - Advocacy website for the girls victims of Boko Haram in Northern Nigeria: Worldwide Actions in various languages
Tejiendo Redes Latinoamérica - Campaña de los 16 días de activismo en América Latina
“From Peace in the Home to Peace in the World: Make Education Safe for All!” - The 16 Days Campaign
In light of African Union Girl Summit the World YWCA is holding a Thunderclap.
Fahnenaktion der Evangelisch-Lutherischen Landeskirche Sachsens, Deutschland
The International Anglican Women’s Network (IAWN) has gathered resources to assist in raising awareness of the prevalence of gender-based and domestic violence and the potential of churches to work towards its elimination, create safe space, and care for and enable survivors of violence.
We Will Speak Out is a global coalition of Churches and Christian-based organisations supported by an alliance of technical partners and individuals who together commit themselves to see the end of sexual violence across communities around the world.
Guide "Churches and Sexual and Reproductive Rights", CLAI (Latin American Council of Churches), a training manual on sexual and reproductive rights for churches and ecumenical organisations. This document is available on the mission 21 blog in Espagnol and English. Read the document.
Child marriage in the wake of conflict and emergancies. Facts and figures and infographic of the Church of Sweden
Faith-inspired initiatives to tackle the social determinants of child marriage by Azza Karam
Humanitarian and natural disasters linked to increase in child marriage, warns girls not brides
Child and forced marriage - manifestation of gender discrimination
Resources regarding December 1, International day of HIV: Article and video from Tanzania (by mission 21),
available in 5 languages
Fact sheet: Child Early and Forced Marriage (CEFM) by World YWCA
Colectivo Con-spirando es una organización partner de Mission 21 en Chile que ha inaugurado una nueva  biblioteca online, poniendo a disposición todas sus publicaciones y materiales que por 20 años se fueron construyendo en red. En esta nueva plataforma online que incluye los 60 números de la Revista Con-spirando, libros, módulos educativos, ritos, etc., podrás encontrar innumerables recursos gratuitos que contribuyen a seguir en la búsqueda por nuevas formas de vivir nuestros cuerpos, espiritualidades, teologías y feminismos.
Con-spirando Collective is a co-partner organization of mission 21 in Chile. Recently it launched an online library that provides access to all the publications and materials that Con-spirando has developed for 20 years. This online library, includes the 60 editions of the Con-spirando magazines, books, educational materials, rituals, etc, you can find countless free resources that contribute to keep looking for new ways of living our bodies, spiritualities, theologies and feminisms.
The Lutheran World Federation Gender Justice Policy deutsch english español français suomi
Islamic Relief Gender Justice Policy
Action Plan for the Churches: Churches say "No" to Violence against Women deutsch english español français
Streams of Grace - hope for a world withour violence against women and children
A Church Manual on Men as Partners Promoting Positive Masculinities: Created in God's Image - from Hegemony to Partnership